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sorry for the lack of update…school’s been keeping me busy

“I'll have you know your art of Princess Kaneki Kenderella ("but have you read this") is what sold me on watching Tokyo Ghoul. And boy am I glad I did. Look even my url shows your impact in this area. I love your art, and also your cursor on your blog is the best. It cracks me up.”

WAAA oh wow i’m glad to hear that! i hope you’ll find more fun in the TG fandom!! ye i love my cursor too and thank you, i’m happy that you love my art!

the kuroha i drew always look different???hh like sometimes it’s the usual cool kuro, sometimes it’s shota kuro, sometimes chibi and sometimes it’s just-


#like if you look at my kuro log photosets you'll see that every kuro looks different #but i mostly drew shota kuro #raughs
thats a??? really pretty face wow

awawa idk i’m not really proud of it but thank you so muchh ;;w;;

“Your art is SO AMAZING IT'S cute and the colors are beautiful, the kurohas and konohas... there... amazng!! I didn't know what to ask. Σ( ° △ °|||)︴Eheh s-sorry.. ::>_<::”

a-amazing?? aa//// i don’t think i’m anywhere close to that!! (/)w(\)

no need to apologize! thank you for liking my art.. i will draw more kuroha&konohas in the future!!

“YOUR GODLY CLEAN LINES, your cute chibis also the colorful colors, you're really good at picking colors! and the anatomies*~*~~ ahh”

AAAAAA ( ‘ω’ 三 ‘ω’ ) HUGS ANON this is too much

actually if you zoom the pic 100% you’ll spot a super messy line

i’m blushing so much thank you//////

“(about art thing) I love how you draw eyes (lighting coloring everything what you do with them) and expresions (they look like alive) All your arts are cute!”

awawa !!!! the way i color eyes are always different but i’m really glad you like it! thank you!! _(´ཀ`」 ∠)_

“cuteness. Your art style is really, really cute, especially your chibis *V* You usually use soft (?) and cute colors and it's all... i don't know how to explain, sorry--- *runs away*”

A- WWAAA cute..??//// aathakn you!!

hngng soft colors..i always thought my color’s too bright it even hurt my own eye… (no don’t run away

what is the most noticeable thing of my art style?




I am genuinly curious as to whether i have a noticeable style or not, let alone what feature in particular…

#my style is very inconsistent but #i'm curious!!
“can i just say your art makes me so happy i squeak everytime i see your kuro art”

wAAAA i’m really glad to hear that!! thank you for liking my ar t!!!!!!1!!1!

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