Sora | 16 | fem Hi i like to draw


“your little kanekis are so cute!! have you think of making a keychain or sticker of it?”

thank you for liking it!! aa i don’t know, i never thought of making it ;w;

“Oh gosh the Kanekis you drew are so cute! ;A; would it be okay to use them as tumblr icons and link back to you for credit?”

thank you!! sure, feel free to use it as icons! ^v^

That’s funny. I like how you draw him. he looks so adorable.

waahh/// thank you!! 

he’s always adorable

i really like drawing kuro’s ponytail in the shape that express(?) his current emotion like whenever he’s sad:

when he’s angry:

when he’s excited:

#i always draw his ponytail like that if you hadn't noticed ww


Do not:

  • delete the comment the artist wrote. If you simply can’t reblog the picture with the artist’s caption, don’t reblog it at all.
  • write offensive things about the artist, the character or the pairing on the tags. Criticism is a different thing than being an asshole.
  • add your own…
#....... #please
“hmm when I go on your blog my AdBlock blocks 6 ads but doesn't do it on other blogs. I'm not really sure why this happened or how to solve it ;A;”

aaa i don’t know what to do either..i don’t see any ad when i go there, i’m just gonna…okay.. lies down.. hh

#let there be ads on my about page let us learn to love ads #replies
“when did this happen Sora? post/91873957278/this-scene-was-so-cute-aa i kinda forgot T_T”

it’s from chapter 109! (spoiler under the cut)

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#ALSo thank you so much for your compliment on the other ask!!!!!! it makes me happy aa blushes #replies
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