Hi i'm Sora,16, and i like to draw


“hey, heard you son`t have deviantart ;-; Just saying if you had account there - i would always comment and fave your works!”

aaa idk i don’t think i could handle many accounts like that sobs but thank you so much!!

“You should take a selfie”

but why

i’m too shy

“i think i said this but your art is really cute and powerful at the same time. your colouring is so cute how do you do these colours ; q ; also i wanted to ask. are doing art trades or things like that?”

awawa tthank you so much..!! umm i really love colors/coloring so i think it’s because i got used to it?? i usually just pick random colors ;v; oh about art trades…i don’t know i’ve never done it before??but i certainly cannot do it now,i’m too busy with school orz

“hi there sora i'm too shy to not be anon but that latest kuroha drawing u posted is rlly cool! i love the red color u used. also u improved a LOT, keep it going! i can't wait to see more of your works!”

AAAHGHCFXD NICE ANON THANKS U Rlly nic e…. i hope next time you could go off anon so we could talk more..!! thank you for your support!

“Hey I just came to say I am in love with your art, (especially your Kuroha drawings, *^*) and I would love to follow you on DeviantArt or such if you have one.”

wahh i’m glad!! and no, i don’t have DA, sorry >.< i only post my art on tumblr, twitter and sometimes pixiv idk

i opened my blog after long time and everything is kuroha

this is very creepy and i need a doctor

#it's like a beliebers blog that is full of biebs #not gonna change it tho i'm trash

bikini gou-chan i drew the other day for a friend&#8217;s birthday.._(´ཀ`」 ∠)_

bikini gou-chan i drew the other day for a friend’s birthday.._(´ཀ`」 ∠)_

#doodle #Free! #matsuoka gou
“When you draw, what brush do you use? And what size? Im still kinda new to paint tool sai. And also, what do you use to color? Thank you for sharing tips :)”

hi there anon! i use brush for lining, sometimes pen but ye mostly brush. the size always change, around 9 to 20 depends on the canvas size! for coloring i use many tools, marker, brush, pen, airbrush, but mostly marker. thank you for asking!

“Hello! I hope it's not too much trouble to ask, but I was wondering if you could draw an older Juuzou, like say he was Amon's age, I'm curious as to what he would look like older, plus I really adore him! (I'm going through a seriously Juuzou fest rn) Also, your art is super cute and I'm very envious of your colouring skills! Have a lovely day! (´・ω・`)”

oh wow older suzuya, that’s very interesting! i wanted to see it too. i’ll see if i have time, and when i do, i’ll make sure to draw it!^v^ and thank you for the compliment/// _(:3

“Please draw little ayato!!”

omg yes yes i’ll definitely draw little ayato. maybe when i have time i will draw it!!

#i might draw it right now....because hhhlittleshotayato #replies
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